The first training of newly recruited assistants

The first training block of newly recruited employees took place on 16 January 2014 in Prešov. 

They were acquainted with the work and mission of health edification assistants and coordinators in Roma communities, with history and basic idea of the Healthy Communities project. They acquired new experience for work of assistant and coordinator, basic communication skills necessary for contact with community members, mayors, physicians, field social workers, staff of health facilities and cooperating institutions such as schools, community centers, etc. They learned basic human biology, disease epidemiology and specialized social counseling in the medical field. They practised the acquired skills through interactive excersises and role playing in model situations. They were acquainted with basic administrative procedures needed for correct evaluation of their work and with the code of ethics of health edification assistant. On 15 January they completed a first aid course led by employee of the Emergency Medical Service.

These assistants and coordinators will undergo another training in February with the groups to which they are assigned.