Organization structure

Steering Committee:

                        Mgr. Richard Koky - President of the Steering Committee, Main Expert for the Activities in the Field of                                                                                                          the Healthy Communities NPO

                        Mgr. Ľubomíra Slušná-Franz - President of the Association for Culture, Education and Communication (ACEC), Member of the                                                                                    Supervisory Board of the Healthy Communities NPO

                        Mgr. Branislav Ondruš - State Secretary at Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family or the Slovak Republic

                        PhDr. Michal Vašečka, PhD. - Researcher of the Masaryk University and Centre for Research of Ethnicity and Culture

                        MUDr. Peter Marko, MPH - General Practitioner, Veľká lomnica


Executive secretary of the Platform: Mgr. Magdaléna Rothová

23 Coordinators of Roma Health Mediators

234 Roma Health Mediators