Third training of health edification assistants (groups A,B and C)

Third training module took place in February 2014. It was completed by group A between 4 -6 February, group B between 11-13 February and group C between 18-20 February 2014. At the third training, the health edification assistants have broadened their knowledge on the issue of civilization diseases, specific learning, reading and behavioral disorders, substance abuse, communication skills in conflict resolution, they also received Omron M2 basic blood pressure monitors and medical bags and they have been trained in their proper use.

From this moment all of the assistants of the nationwide project Healthy communities are fully equipped for the field work. By completing the III. training block, the health edification assistants are able to expertly perform a wide variety of edificational activities within their occupation and workload. Certificate of education with nationwide validity was received by 99 assistants and coordinators.