Blogy 2013


Thanks to this work I realized how lucky I am to have family and health. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to grew up in a family, that has everything. Everyday I meet with Roma families and every one of them has a story - mostly a sad one.

I don´t exactly know, what went wrong, how is it possible that not everyone has the same opportunities and how is it possible to live in poverty. I see a lot of Roma people to give up. I don´t know what I would do in their shoes.

My job is to find potential health problems. Because I have children, this work is easier for me. Recently, during routine visit to a family and exchange of experience on children, I dealt with a urological problem of a three year old boy. He had adherent foreskin. That is a very delicate process. I ordered a urological examination for the boy. After the outpatient procedure, I continued with my regular visits, which lasted seven days. We prepared a chamomile bath for the boy, with his mother we withdrawn his foreskin and applied an ointment prescribed by urologist.

This was the first "client", who wasn´t happy to see me. Even a sweet reward didn´t work. Well, I am not surprised. People who experienced this problem know what I am talking about. After some time his condition improved and the wound has healed. Now, when I come to visit, there is no fear in his eyes anymore. He welcomes me with a smile.

How I saved a life

One day I did awareness for youth. The weather was nice so we met outside and talked. Suddenly a friend came running, shouting for help. I saw a great fear and panic in his eyes. First thought that crossed my mind was - someone´s life is in danger.

We ran together to the house. On the bed I saw a man who was not moving and appeared breathless. He was completely motionless. Family members started to cry, thinking he is already dead. In panic they just shuffled their feet, shouted and didn´t know what to do. I wanted to cry too. At that moment I was also clueless. There was only one question in my head: "What now?", but I just couldn´t find the answer in that chaos. I sent everyone out. I needed to think of something fast. While someone called an ambulance, I tried to feel the heartbeat and see wheter the man is breathing. He wasn´t. I started giving him artificial respiration. I pressed his chest 30 times and breathed into his mouth twice. Again and again.

I don´t know how much time have passed, but I started to lose my strength. But I didn´t give up. I wanted him to live. I saw his family and his beautiful children. I liked them very much. I just couldn´t imagine that they will be left without father. His son was crying and with despair in his voice he told me, that he don´t want to lose his beloved father. I said to myself, that I will not give up, no matter what. But I was still running out of strength. With the few last, desperate presses of the chest, the man opened his eyes. Tears rolled out of my eyes, such was my happiness, that this man is alive. I just tried to breathe and not to cry like a little child. His family started to whoop for joy, applauded and thanked me for saving a husband and a father.

I don´t know what happened to him, but at the time the ambulance arrived, he was perfectly fine. I was very happy. The man thanked me and hugged me. The news quickly spread in the village and everyone was so thankful. It was an amazing feeling. Later there were rumours, that I save people´s lives. I was kind of flattered. It was my greatest achievement and I am grateful for this work, where I can do something for the people and children in need.