Bratislava, November 3, 2016


A Project which is an example for other countries ends because of bureaucratic delays

Quarter of a million inhabitants of Roma settlements will be left without medical assistance



237 employees of the project, who are mainly members of the disadvantaged communities, are victims of the dysfunctional bureaucratic machine and obstructions with spending of the EU funds. The project has a direct positive impact on almost 250,000 inhabitants of segregated Roma settlements.



Praiseworthy and demanding work of employees of Healthy Communities NPO was presented as one of the successful projects at the international conference Broaden Horizons which took place in the Slovenian town of Doljenske Toplice.


The other Europe: What can YOU do?

6th ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2015 was held in Brussels on the September 2-3, 2015.


Platform for Support of Health of Disadvantaged Groups and its partners cordially invite you to the conference Improvement of Health in Disadvantaged Communities

On 10 of April 2014 a meeting of members, partners and cooperating organizations was held at the headquarters of Platform.

On 28 February, the first-ever conference of health edification assistants and coordinators, who spread health edification in segregated Roma settlements, was held at the premises of the City Office of Poprad.

Third training module took place in February 2014. It was completed by group A between 4 -6 February, group B between 11-13 February and group C between 18-20 February 2014.

The first training block of newly recruited employees took place on 16 January 2014 in Prešov. 

Next training (2. block of accredited educational programme Assistant of Health Edification in Roma Communities) of group A took place on 4-6 November in Poprad, of group B on 28 – 30 November in Prešov and of group C on 6 - 8 December in Michalovce.

Health edification assistants and coordinators started to work in 108 localities.

Platform for Support of the Health of Disadvantaged Groups (PPZZS) in cooperation with the Office of the Plenipotentiary of Slovak republic for Roma Communities started to implement the nationwide project Healthy Communities.

On 11- 13 October 2013 training of another 80 health edification assistants and their coordinators was held in Prešov.

The first training of health edificication assistants and coordinators was held between 21- 26 June 2013 in Bratislava.