Conference Healthy Communities

On 28 February, the first-ever conference of health edification assistants and coordinators, who spread health edification in segregated Roma settlements, was held at the premises of the City Office of Poprad. The conference was organized by the Association for Culture, Education and Communication (ACEC) and Association of Field Health Assistants (ATZA). The conference provided many recommendations from experts, people from practice, coordinators and assistants.

Conference was opened by Peter Pollák, the Plenipotentiary of Slovak republic for Roma Communities and by Mária Nazarej, Chairwoman of the Association of Field Health Assistants. The main topics of the conference were health and health edification in segregated Roma communities, presentation of programmes focused on health and health edification, lectures and presentation of current research focused on health in the Roma settlements and examples of good practice.

Within evaluation, propositions and recommendations, the guests present agreed that the strenght of the project lies in real, regular and systematic edification. Important thing is the involvement of the inhabitants of segregated communities into the process of resolving. Field project coordinators emphasized, that for further success and fulfillment of the project´s objectives, there must be uninterrupted continuation based on practice, compliance with model proved in practice and financial independence of project employees from municipalities. The improvement suggestion is to consider greater involvement of the medical community into to the process of setting the measurable indicators. Challenge is to ensure the stability and functioning of the project as a national program until 2020 from the structural funds.

Further information can be found in press report.

Photo: Richard Gerenyi